About Us

Welcome Beautiful!

NeneBlu’s was launched online in summer 2012 by Tamara Elliott. Since then our customer base continues to grow and exceeds our expectations. Our success is based largely on our commitment to offer the latest styles but in restricted quantities, because we believe that style is as unique as you are. Tamara, NeneBlu's curator, looks for quality, style, and always shops for fashion that is as appealing as it is affordable. 

We're not another "OFF THE RACK" boutique. When you shop NeneBlu's you'll know that once the items are sold out you won't see them in our store again. In short, once these limited quantity pieces are sold they are no longer available. As we're expanding we'll be adding a vast array of fashion jewelry and accessories as well. This will include rings, earring, clutches, bracelets and necklaces, scarves and hats – all in the latest designs. Of course, we'd love to hear from you and learn what you would like to see in our store.

Elevating you shopping experience and adding a personalized touch is giving us the opportunity to provide unsurpassed service. We understand that only a happy customer will come back and recommend us to their friends. We go the extra mile for every client and are confident you will be pleased with shopping with us. NeneBlu's is all about getting the customer in touch with their style. We welcome you to visit our online store or any of our visiting fashion booths events that will be posted on the NeneBlu's website. Remember, we're here so you can find that unique piece that is uniquely you!